Top Services from CDNsun CDN

Using a CDN can become an effective tool to accelerate your website once your online platform isn’t a speedy one. When you use this kind of service, you let your web content (images, CSS and JS files) to be copied, cached, stored on the servers dispersed around the world and delivered to your target audience from the data center located close to its place of residence.

Such a simple solution is able to:

  • Enhance your web performance;
  • Reduce the traffic spikes, bottlenecks and package loss;
  • Provide with speedy internet connection.

However, it’s not the only benefits you can get from trying your hands with a CDN.

Today, we’re going to speak about top CDN services you can get once you’ve decided to become a client of CDNsun.

1.  CDN Services for a Website

If you need to speed up your website, you’ve come to the right place as CDNsun can give you an opportunity to cache your images, CSS, flash and JS files and store them in more than 70 data centers around the world. Apart this, you get an excellent opportunity to serve your content to your target audience at a high speed.

Choosing a CDNsun gives you an opportunity to accelerate your content over HTTPS: you may get a shared SSL certificate totally free if you become a client of this company.

2.              CDN Services for Video on Demand (VOD)

Website owners who earn money by streaming on-demand video to their clients may apply for the services provided by CDNsun as this company possess more than 25 streaming CDN locations around the world. When you buy a package of CDN services provided by a CDNsun you let your files to be stored on solid state drives (SSD) located around the world and transmitted to your target audience at a high speed.

CDNsun supports all formats, protocols and formats required for VOD and features:

  • RTMP Streaming;
  • Hotlink Protection;
  • Token Authentication;
  • WOWza Secure;
  • HLS Streaming.

3.              CDN Services for Software and Games

If you trade software and games, you may use a CDN from CDNsun to store your data on SSDs located in more than 70 Points of Presence scattered around the world. You may use such kind of storage to place your data closer to your target clients and deliver them from the servers located not far from their places of residence.

Of course, these are only few top services provided by CDNsun. To get more information about other services of the company visit its official website.


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