Weighing the Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Have you been given the option of working your dream job from home?  No doubt the thought of ditching the morning commute and working in your sweats is appealing.  There are a lot of up sides to working from home – and several negatives to be considered. Weigh them carefully and you’ll be able to decide if working from home is for you. Consider these suggestions from the professionals as you weigh your options.

The logistics of commuting an office are multiple. No doubt you’ve taken advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and enjoyed the discounts on tires offered by Tirebuyer.com. Regular maintenance, gas purchases and scheduled tune ups are additional expenses. Depending on where you live and your commuting route, you may also incur charges for tolls and parking.  Purchasing that designer cup of coffee and daily lunches with coworkers can also add up.  Beyond the expenses of commuting, the toll of office politics, the stressful environment and potentially poor air quality in your office can all add up to logistical reasons to work from home. It’s important to weigh the costs to your career. Is the position newly developed as a telecommuting role? Will you be in contact with the office via email, video conferencing or returning for meetings?  Out of sight is often out of mind; determine your game plan for staying in touch with your coworkers and developments with your company and how these will affect your career.

Working from home can have tremendous advantages beyond ditching the morning and evening commute.  Remote workers often find they are much more productive without all the office interruptions.  It does take a certain amount of discipline and self-motivation to work from home. Be certain that you possess these characteristics before embarking out on your own. Another key factor to working from home is scheduling and office space. A laptop on the couch most likely won’t produce the needed results. Designate a separate area in your home, away from noise and traffic that will allow you to concentrate. Specify a fixed starting time to your day and try to wrap up at the same time each evening. Avoid the temptation to check emails and  spreadsheets during your off hours.  To be successful working from home, you must establish a clear work-life balance. Best of luck to you!

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