Different categories for seasons

Life is so hard and stress full and people want to watch something which can relax their minds and entertain them at the same time. People are fed up of same old type of TV shows; they want something new and more exciting like TV series which are being watched.  Every year, hundreds of series are being made in all over the world and all these series have been categorized differently according to their stories, themes and content. Each drama has at least one main genre according to the story and the theme of the drama or series. For example, if the series is on crimes of the world, then its genre would be a crime, but there will be sub genre such as romance or action if the film has those elements too.

Here are some main genres with descriptions that will help you to know which type of drama series you are watching next time.

Crime series

Crime series are mostly based on fight between criminals and cops and other law agents. If a person has a thing to fight and action, these series are best for him to watch and plus they series also have a touch of romance in it to make them and that add more fascination to the show. There are many old and still going crime series such as Chicago PD, law and order, suits and many other.

Romantic Comedy series

Comedy and romance in one place is a treat for people. People love comedy series because they are full of fun and entertainment. It is the best way to relax with their family and partners after a hard tiring day.  Comedy series are based on plots which would have acts and dialogs to make people laugh purposefully. The idea of these series is to give people something which can relax their minds.  Friends are the best example of series, which is romantic and the witty dialogs of the character make people love out loud.

Supernatural series

These series are based on supernatural activities are people who have supernatural power or those who can control such powers. In the past the main theme of these series was to scare people and give them an adventure of their lives but know things have changed, now supernatural series are based on love stories and sexy vampires, werewolf’s and demons. They are more romantic than scary. Now these series have actions, suspense and romance. The biggest example of such series is vampire diaries and supernatural.

Adventure series

Adventure series are based on people’s experience which they get while traveling to city to city or country to country. There are also those series in people travel to space and other planets to discover hidden secrets of universe.

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