Five Things Every Coffee Drinker Should Know

Humans love coffee. In fact, more than 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed around the world daily. Even though billions of people around the world love coffee, many of them know surprisingly little about the beverage they are consuming. Most people don’t even know the best way to make coffee. Here is a look at five things you should know if you are a coffee lover.

1. Fresh Is Best

Like most things you eat and drink that aren’t fermented, fresh is always best when it comes to coffee. Fresh roasted beans will give you a much better-tasting cup of coffee that is less bitter. Ideally, you should buy fresh, whole roasted beans and then grind only as much as you are going to use each time you brew. In practice, grinding a few days’ worth of beans at time is fine and will not impact the flavor of your coffee in a noticeable way.

2. Vinegar Can Improve the Taste of Your Coffee

No, you do not add the vinegar directly to your coffee. However, cleaning your coffeemaker with vinegar once a month will do wonders for improving the flavor of your coffee. If you have an old coffeemaker that you have never cleaned with vinegar before, give it a try. Prepare to be blown away by how much better your next cup of coffee tastes after using this amazing coffeemaker cleaning method.

3. Tap Water Doesn’t Cut It

Using tap water can negatively impact the taste of your coffee. This is especially true if you have hard water in your home. The mineral deposits in the hard water will add tastes you won’t like to your java. The best thing to do is to use bottled water or charcoal-filtered water to brew your coffee. Using purer water will give your coffee a purer taste.

4. Temperature Is important

If you want the best-tasting cup of coffee, you should learn how to cold brew your coffee. Cold brewing coffee is not complicated. You simply add coffee grounds to water and let them sit for at least 12 hours before filtering them out. The resulting coffee will be much less bitter because it is not exposed to heat. It will also be stronger and have bolder, richer flavors. 

5. You Can Keep Your Coffee at the Perfect Temperature

If you like your coffee served hot, you surely have a temperature that you feel is perfect for it. Now, you never have to worry about your coffee getting cold if you get distracted. There are mugs that will keep your coffee heated to a specific temperature. Visit this site to see how you can always enjoy drinking your coffee at the perfect temperature.

Coffee is a magical beverage. There is nothing like it for fueling you to power through your day. If you want your coffee to taste amazing, use the five tips above. With the right knowledge and a little practice, you will soon be making coffee better than you can find at most coffeehouses.

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