How to Choose Cyber Security Testing Tools


Cyberattacks and security breaches can happen to your business at any time and cost you thousands of dollars in losses, as well as a loss of customer confidence. Since both of these circumstances could have a potentially disastrous effect on your business, it is important to choose the right kind of security measures that make them a good fit for your company. Vulnerability assessment can help you understand which tools you need and which ones would most help your business avoid a damaging cyberattack.

Assess Risk

A company that specializes in gauging how vulnerable a company is to cyber-attacks and data breaches can help you choose the right tools by letting you know what kind of risk you operate under. For example, a company may look at the type of software you use, what kind of internet connection you use and how you store your customers’ information. This can help the assessment representatives gauge your overall risk. Typically, the greater the risk, the more tools the company might offer to reduce it.

Employee Assessment

Before you choose cybersecurity testing tools or run vulnerability assessment, you may want to consider what kind of security access your employees have and how this might affect how safe your private data is. For example, how many of your employees have total access to this kind of data? Does each individual have the same type of clearance? The types of tools you choose to test your company’s vulnerability may rely on this data, so it is important that you have it available to your testing professionals.

Consider the Future

When it comes to choosing the right vulnerability assessment tools, you must consider both the present and the future of your company. While you might feel that your company is presently safe from attack, it is important to think about what might happen in the future. For example, what would happen if your system did suffer a breach? How would you handle it? How quickly would you be able to stop information from being stolen? Tools that gauge how quickly a breach could be handled and that assess what steps should be taken can help you feel more prepared if the worst should happen.

Consider Your Company’s Needs

Because every company is different, its size, number of employees and how it stores data can have a direct effect on the kinds of assessment tools it needs. As you choose tools to increase your company’s cybersecurity, you may want to consider these factors. If you run a small company with a limited number of employees, your needs may be different than those of a larger business that has more than a few dozen employees, all of whom have different levels of security access. Be sure to ask your risk assessment company how your business’ individual needs might affect the tools you choose.

Vulnerability assessment can help you understand what kind of tools might help you avoid a cyber-attack or act quickly in case one should occur. However, choosing these tools wisely is an important part of the process and might mean the difference between better security and greater risk in the future.



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