Improving Network Management with a Modern Software

Managing a computer network often means keeping your eyes on the processes running on it. This is considered to be one of the main job duties of network managers, and if you’re willing to become a model network administrator, you need to know how to do this work effectively. For instance, you can use a special network management software to ease your life.

Today, we are going to speak about such kinds of software and will try to discuss the main advantages you can get from applying for it.

Network Inventory Program: What is it?

Network managers (especially newly employed ones) often start their work by making a complete list of the things operating on the network. This should be done to:

  •         See what is actually operating on the network and know what to manage;
  •         Estimate the size of the network;
  •         Plan the network expenses effectively.

Using a special network inventory tool can really ease your life as you don’t need to do quite a lot of work by yourself: you simply deploy an inventory software on the network and let it scan it to generate a complete inventory report.

Software inventory programs can be of several types:

  •         Software with scanning agents (you need to deploy special bots or agents on remote computers to let them scan the object and report the data to the main database);
  •         Agentless programs (this kind of software doesn’t require installation of any bots as a network scanning process is executed from a central installation).

Both of these types of programs have their pros and cons. For instance, you need to install special agents on the computers once you’ve decided to use the first type of inventory software. Applying for agentless scanners seems to be quite beneficial, but they can’t work well through a VPN connection when you need to investigate multiple networks.

Total Network Inventory: a Handy Tool to Manage Your Network

If you are a network manager and you’re looking for an appropriate tool to scan your network, you may always try your hands with Total Network Inventory (TNI). This is a special agentless inventory software that lets you choose the objects to be scanned on the network. For instance, you can choose IP networks, Windows networks or Active Directory.

When you use TNI, you may also influence on the speed of the scanning process by setting various timeouts and ping methods. The results of the scanning process (a complete inventory list) can be found in View Details tab.


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