The Top On-Site Methods That SEO Experts Use

On-site SEO is optimizing your website to rank high in search results for your primary keywords. Google frequently updates its algorithms to provide users with the most relevant results, provoking a flurry of activity among online marketers. Building your website for your visitors’ convenience, not for search engines, should keep you safe from algorithm updates targeting “spammy” on-page SEO practices.


Mobile-friendliness is a major aspect of on-site SEO. If you do not have the skill or an in-house IT department to ensure your website is responsive, find out more about how an SEO specialist analyzes your website for responsiveness. A comprehensive review will cover different aspects of technical on-site SEO, including responsiveness and page load speed, which allows your website to render quickly and adjust to the visitor’s device. Google has already begun implementing mobile-first index where they use a website’s mobile version first to determine its ranking in the search results.

Using Questions in Content

As search engines become more intelligent, the days of keyword stuffing are over. Google now understands queries, therefore using questions in your content followed by in-depth answers or adding a FAQ page, if you do not already have one, will increase your ranking.

Providing in-depth answers has an additional benefit; your website’s content may show in a featured snippet in Google’s search results, which, despite the fact that the users finds their answer without clicking on a link, actually increases traffic to your website.

Great Content

Fresh content is the key to having great content. Great content is original, if you have a news website, provide a fresh take on the story. Google views spinning content or using duplicate content with permission from the original source as a sign of a low-quality website that no one would want to visit. In addition, people will link to your content if your website is the only place to read it, which gives your off-site SEO a major boost.

Great content is actionable. Readers want to know how to solve their problem right now, and, if necessary, they want systematic instructions. If your content is full of fluff, visitors will quickly hit the back button, increasing your bounce rate. Search engines see a high bounce rate as proof that your content is not useful.

Great content is free of grammar and spelling errors and well written. Poorly written content reflects badly on your businesses’ credibility and expertise. If you have little experience writing, hire a professional copywriter who is a native speaker.

Include bullet points, takeaways or headers in your content. Very few people will read a block of text that is not skimmable to find the information that they need. People use the Internet to find information quickly; if they wanted to read a 5,000-word essay on a subject, they would go to the library.

Off-site SEO may bring you visitors; however, on-site SEO is essential to making your online business a success because it keeps individuals on your website.


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